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Why should I keep a baby bulb syringe on hand during kidding season?

A bulb syringe that is used by human Mom's can quickly save your baby goats life when it's born. Let me explain.

Much like a human baby, your baby goat lives inside a birthing bag filled with fluid while your dam is carrying it to term. It is also kept alive by an umbilical cord. Often times, goats will give birth while standing up. When the baby drops to the ground it will break the bag and typically it breaks it away from the nose. However, if your goat is one of those who gives birth laying down the bag doesn't have a chance to break away.

When this happens, some of the liquid can drip down your newborn baby goats throat and enter it's lungs. This greatly increases the chance of an infection setting up or your baby goat drowning. This can also be a problem if the Mom has baby goats one after another very quickly. She will lick and clean the bag away from the baby's face. Our doe had triplets within 5 minutes and didn't have time to do this. We saved the first borns life by using this suction bulb.

This $4.00 tool can quickly become priceless in your birthing kit during kidding season. It allows you to reach down and suck out the airway of your baby goat. Depending on how far down the liquid has traveled, holding your baby goat upside down and gently swinging it will allow the liquid to come back down the throat so you can suction it out.

Tip: keep an old beach towel on hand. The baby goat will be slippery after birth and you don't want to drop it. We have used this handy trick to save over a dozen of baby goats over the years at Cotton Bean Goat Farms.

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