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These 4 Boer girl goats are interviewing

Updated: May 29, 2020

All 4 of these girls are a Boer mix. I am not sure what they are mixed with but they are not full Boer. We have 2 Nannies and their daughters that were born in January 2020.

We bought them from a guy who used them to clear brush. I was told the Nannies were under 2. They needed some groceries and one of the Nanny's needs some hoof work when they came to the farm. We have got some size on them and we are continuing to work on her feet. They would be a great addition for someone who is comfortable continuing to work on them. They do not fit our breeding program and are starting to go into heat. They have been exposed to my Billy but I have not seen anything "going on". They reside in a pasture with him and our other does.

If you have any questions just contact Cotton Bean Goat Farm at 704-941-7944.

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