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The bond of a Dam and her twins

One of the things I enjoy most about goats is watching the Does raise their baby goats. Dottie had this set of twin doelings back in July. They are such a strong family unit. They eat together, sleep together and hang out. We named this set of boer does Gracie and Olivia. They are not for sale. We are keeping them and adding them to our breeding program. I am excited to see them kid at the end of the year. Assuming they are mature enough to breed.

If you are thinking of getting into goats we would be happy to customize a class to go over all the things you want to know before you buy goats. We can look the difference between meat goats, our boers and milk goats, our Mini Nubians. Both types of goats have a purpose. Allthough, we do not sale our goats for meat here at Cotton Bean Goat Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

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