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Our Mini Nubian doe just kidded and she is acting off!

We have spent the past few days taking care of our Mini Nubian Doe, Bama. She kidded with a set of triplet baby goats a few days ago. She was acting very tired after she delivered so we gave her some warm molasses water. We typically give our does this. She was still laying around a lot. Her temp was normal she was just acting off. I tried to give her some tums for a boost of Calcium but refused to eat them so I had to drench her. Both of us hated this. The good news is about 5 hours later she got up and started eating and acting more normal. We are continuing to monitor her closely.

As a result of her not feeling well we have had to do some bottle feeding. But she has taken over all the feeding. Bama is one of my favorite Mini Nubian does so she is being closely monitored. Yes, I am a helicopter goat Mom!

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