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Next up....Lillith release the hostages, please and thank you! 

I'm thinking more babies are in our near future!

She is due offically tomorrow! She is the biggest boer nanny I have ever seen! Let's talk about her spunk. She has bent a brand new gate in half trying to escape the birthing pen. I didn't want to let her out with the Nashville gang due to risk of injury.

This big beautiful soon to be boer Nanny was laying down on her knees this morning when I did my goat check. She did have some mucus coming out and the babies are dropping. She is an experienced boer nanny so we are praying for a easy delivery. Dont worry, we are prepared with our goat birthing kit on hand. I washed and dried my baby towels last night after Mable's delivery of twin boers. Bring on the babies! 💕

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