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911: Dottie's babies have a fever

Just went out to do a quick check on Dottie our Boer Nanny and her triplet baby goats. The girl's breathing was labored and very heavy. I immediately ran into the house and grabbed our emergency kit.

Baby Goat Girl 1- Temp 107

Baby Goat Girl 2- Temp 104.8

Baby Goat Boy - Temp 104.5

Gave them all a dose of Banamine, grabbed a few ice packs, a fan and got to work. I got everyone dosed up and Baby goat girl 1 has ice packs under her front legs while laying down. Got her all settled and grabbed baby goat girl #2 and put ice packs under her. Got baby girl goat 1's temp to start dropping after a few minutes. I also confirmed baby goat girl#2 temp was dropping as well. Baby boy was doing the best. After 20 minutes temps are going down, breathing is much better and they all nursed. Will be heading out to check on everyone again in a few minutes. It is HOT outside yall! I really just think they got overheated. They are almost 24 hours old.

For the love of boer baby goats!

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