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Pita - Registered

Boer Doeling

DOB: 2/9/20

August 2020: Pita, our registered Boer doe, continues to thrive and grow here at Cotton Bean Boer Goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

Let's first start with her name, PITA! What does it stand for you may be asking yourself.....  Since you wanted to know, Pain in the A**. 

Here is her story! We got her Mom, Lillith, when she was pregnant with only 10 days to go. 20 days later this boer nanny finally delivered twin baby goats. The boy was not alive when I found PITA outside the birthing pen at 2 am talking to her Nanny on the other side of the wood panel. This was just a sign of things to come. lol 

Here is her story! You can overcome the odds, don't give up! Take it from pita goat. 

This beautiful traditional Boer Doe holds such a special place in our hearts here at Cotton Bean Farms. We consider ourselves so blessed to be able to watch her grow and thrive. It's hard to believe that she is only 4 months old. We are looking forward to the next 15 years with Pita goat!

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