Mable - Registered

Boer Doe

This beautiful registered boer doe came from the same farm as our registered boer doe Dutchess and our 100% registered buck Red Man.  She was born in October of 2018.  We got her at 9 months old, around July of 2019.  This boer doe was not fond of people unless you had grain.  If you have grain for this girl she is your new best friend!  When we brought her home she was turned out into a pasture so I didn’t have a chance to win her over.

Update February 2020: She had a beautiful set of red boer twins. Both the girl and boy baby goats are red with a white belt!

Fast forward 1/2020: She is now expecting her first babies. This has really changed her temperament. She allows me to rub her, she greets me at the gate so I spoil her with treats.  I guess when you are expecting doelings or bucklings you get special treatment, right? We are praying for an easy delivery for this sweet lady! Oh and think PINK….

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