We have a deposit on these girls!

Mini Nubian Twin Girls Born: April 13th, 2020

Available for Pick up: July 13 at weaning


Lucy's Mini Nubian Doelings with registration paper work

Farm Name: You name them!

Dad is Mozart our F5 Mini Nubian buck with the best goat beard ever!

This has been a hard decision for me to sale these beautiful Mini Nubian doelings because I fell in love with these baby goats. The white one is a in your pocket kind of goat. She loves her human. She greets me and wants my attention. She has long beautiful ears and black / brown marking like her F5 Mini Nubian Dad. 

The brown girl with white markings is also sweet baby goat.  She has her Mom's ears and the cutest little pink nose. Lucy is a super Mom. She gave birth with ease and has milk for days. These twin girls use Mom like a jungle gym and she never complains. Both Mom and Dad goats have a beard which you can see in the pictures. They are super close to Mom and each other.  I would love to see them stay together and go to the same farm.  They will be available for pickup in July and we can hold them with a deposit. We are open by appointment if you would like to visit the Goat farm and meet these baby goats in person. They will come with a application for registration as a F2 Mini Nubian with the MDGA. If you want to see baby pictures of the baby goat girls just read Lucy's birthing story!  Lucy is an experienced Mom who had a text birth / delivery. I wish all our deliveries were this easy. Our 2020 breeding / kidding season is over here at Cotton Bean Mini Nubian Goat Far,. We are already planning for our 2021 season. Oh, goat life!

These baby goats are for sale and we will hold with a deposit until weaning in July! 704-941-7944


Please let us know if you want to see updated pictures of these beautiful Mini Nubian Girls.

Pictures updated May 25th.! 

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