Knoxville Does- Registered

6 Boer Does

I was searching for some mature boer does to add to the farm in January 2020. We found a farm with 6 beautiful girls born in July 2017 that they wanted to rehome due to getting out of goats.  We took a drive to Knoxville, TN to meet them. They were healthy but needed some copper bolus and a few extra groceries since they were on pasture only in the dead of winter. We decided to add them to the farm and introduced them to the good life with all the hay they can eat.

We began the process of trying to win them over. One of the full red boer does came up and took an animal cracker from me. Quickly 2 more joined her. The other 3 just watched from a distance. I introduced fig newton’s and had 5 of them eating them by the end of the week.  This was important because I needed to copper bolus them desperately. We gave them a mineral block and they quickly ate it down to nothing. They are starting to fill out nicely and their body condition is improving daily. 


Babies goat are here: Looks like a few of the girls were indeed bred when they came to our Goat Farm. They have had some of the most beautiful baby goats with several spotted / dappled bucklings. We are still hoping the dark red / brown doe is pregnant by our Muffin Man. We will know in a few weeks. 

Fast Forward:  After a few weeks we introduced Muffin Man, our 100% registered boer buck to the pasture. We are hoping when they go in heat they will like Muffin Man enough to stand for him. Will we have 2020 babies? Stay tuned!

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