Dutchess - Registered

Boer Doeling

Dutchess came from the same farm as Red Man our boer buck. She is a beautiful, registered boer doe, with a traditional white body and a red head. We got her when she was weaned from her Dam. She was shy for a very long time. I don’t think I got to touch her for at least 3 months. After a lot of work, I finally won her over with animal crackers! I am so happy to announce we are now good friends. I think she may actually like humans now! She also has a beautiful smile and she loves to climb on everything. If any of my boer goats climb a tree, Dutchess will be the first one up it. She reminded my husband of royalty due to the way she carried herself so he choose to name her Dutchess.  I suppose that makes her the Dutchess of Cotton Bean but please don't tell our other does!  Now to find her a Duke….. 

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