Dottie - Registered

Boer Doe

Our little beautiful registered Dottie boer doe was a Valentine baby, 2/14/ 2019. She is a beautiful red and white dappled boer doeling with Max Boer lineage. We picked this beautiful specimen of a boer goat up at a NC Boer Goat auction.  It was love at first sight for us. When we got her home we could quickly tell she had never had human contact. This made it hard to do general hoof maintenance or even check a famacha on this sweet little boer goat. Not to mention, the trama it caused having to chase her down to do any of these things. I would sit with her for hours on end. I tried bribing her with treats and that didn’t work. After a few weeks we could tell she had a worm load, she wasn’t really eating and body her condition was quickly headed to a bad place.  At this point she had no choice but to be touched.  I was forced to hold her and treat her. I would stuff a small piece of fig newton in her mouth, love on her for a few minutes and sit with her afterwards. I brought her warm molasses water a few times a day and she began to come over and drink it with me standing beside her. This was HUGE for her! I gave her alpha, red cell, pro bios, spinach, carrots and fresh oranges daily. I refused to loose my Dottie girl! After weeks of this regimen and lots of prayers she was on the mend. Her body condition was improving and she decided we could be friends. I am happy to report she now loves me as much as I love her!  I am looking forward to breeding her in 2020 and meeting her beautiful kids. 

Note: Raising goats is NOT easy despite what people will tell you. Invest time learning about nutrition, signs of worms and get to know your goats. You will need a goat medical closet on hand and you will need to become a part time vet. If something is off with your goat, take their temperature and check their famacha.  Our first vet didn't know anything about supportive care so over time I learned by joining forums and talking to other more experienced goat farmers.  If we had gotten her when we started in goats I would have lost this beautiful soul just because I didn't know what to do and often times the vet doesn't know! 

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