Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Dottie our F3 Mini Nubian Doe was a trooper during her complicated delivery!

We feed the pregnant and nursing does twice a day. During the first feeding Dottie was laying down and didn’t get up to eat. This was odd so we started baby watch with her. Sure enough she went into labor. I was doing a training session for work so Farmer Jason went to assist. As soon as I was done, I put on my sloggers and headed out. It had been about 30 minutes. I heard her screaming and my heart stopped. Something wasn’t right.

As soon as I got to her pen Farmer Jason said something is wrong, the baby isn’t coming I think it’s backwards. He had already tried to assist but couldn’t get his big hand inside her. I gloved and lubed up stuck my fingers in and started to feel around. I couldn’t get him pushed in to turn him around and he was backwards. I felt around a little more and she was pushing.  The baby started to crown and she was pushing him out. I lubed up more and start working her to hopefully loosen her up so we could get him out. She pushed and I was able to pull him a little. I got him half way out. She took a breather and pushed again and I was able to pull him out the rest of the way. He had tried to breathe before we got the bag off of him or maybe while he was still inside. I quickly got the bag off his face and grabbed a baby aspirator to start pulling out the gunk. I grabbed a towel and turned him upside down so gravity would help. We were able to suction everything out and he was breathing.

She was so worn out and so was this cute F4 Mini Nubian Buckling and his Mom just layed and rested for 30 to 40 minutes. Mom was licking and cleaning him while laying down. We held him up so he could nurse. His legs were very weak and he couldn’t stand on his own. Mom got some molasses water, fig newtons, grain, probios and we took the baby goats temperature to make sure he was in the normal range and luckily he is.

We got her moved to a Mini Nubian birthing suite with Alfalfa and grain so that they would be comfortable. It has been a few hours and they are both laying around and resting. I keep going out to make sure he is nursing and they are ok. She is up cleaning him and eating so this is a good sign.

When we went to move her, her sister, Penny ran up to her and followed her into the birthing suite. She sniffed her and the baby like she was checking on them. We got her out and put her in the birthing pen beside her with her twins. It was an adorable moment during this stressful birth. We are thankful that God gave us the wisdom and strength to help our sweet Mini Nubian mom deliver her BIG mini me buckling! If you get a moment say a little prayer for both of them.

Mozart our  F5 Mini Nubian Herd Sire!

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