DOB: May 3rd Twin Niergian Dwarf Goats were born to Willow!  Willow blessed us with a set of twin  Nigerian Dwarf does / girls here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm. We are keeping these baby goats forever!  Just look at those faces they are so stinking cute! The redish brown colored baby girl like humans and will come up to get love. However, the white baby goat is still trying to figure out if she likes humans. As I am putting this page together I realized how much Willow and her white baby goat look alike. We are still deciding on names for these girls. I am thinking Lacie and Gracie.... What do you think? The white on would be Lacie of course. 

Baby Willow: Willow the was one of our first goats here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. She lives here with her Mom, Brother and half sisters. Willow is sometime distance and loves Jake our Anatolian Shepard. I don’t really know how to describe their bond. 

Willow pictured Below

Willow and Creamer pictured above!

Cookie, Grandmother

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